Seminar aus Logik

  • Hallo Allerseits,

    nachdem's dieses Semester leider keine allgemeine Ankündigung aller LVAs am logic gibt, poste ich das hier mal einfach als ein bißchen Werbung, könnte vielleicht interessant sein ;-)

    lg, Christoph

    Dear colleagues,

    This term's Seminar in Logic (185.316, 3.0 ETCS) will focus on
    "Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction", a hot topic
    in the intersection of logic and computer science. Johan van
    Benthem's long awaited book with this title will appear only later
    this year, but based on a pre-print edition we will be able to
    explore this exiting new chapter of contemporary logic adequately.

    The organisational meeting will take place

    Friday, March 18, 2011, 13:00,
    Seminar Room Gödel
    Favoritenstr. 9, ground floor.

    The seminar itself will take place in blocked form, probably
    on 2 or 3 Friday sessions in May or June. (Dates negationable.)
    See for details.

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