Computer Vision job(s) at Aeolus Robotics (m/w)

  • Aeolus Robotics is currently looking for talented and motivated Computer Vision engineers for both Junior and Senior expert level. In particular, we look for specialists in 3D Object Perception and related areas who will be working alongside founders, researchers, and engineering masterminds to design and build first-generation robots for mass consumer adoption.

    You will work in a scrum-based agile development cycle where you will be responsible for

    • Advancing our object recognition and modelling pipeline
    • Researching solutions for improving existing approaches and solving new Vision problems
    • Camera sensor fusion (RGB + Depth registration) and calibration
    • Testing, improving and debugging code on the robot

    Required Qualifications:

    • Very good C++ skills (SW design, debugging, testing)
    • Good 3D Machine Vision knowledge (feature extraction, camera calibration, segmentation, 3D reconstruction, Linear Algebra, classification, point cloud registration)
    • Basics in Machine Learning
    • MSc or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or similar.

    Desired Qualifications:

    • PCL
    • OpenCV
    • Robotics background, ROS
    • Linux
    • Experience with Version Control Systems (Git)

    We offer competitive salaries, flexible working hours, possibility to work remotely (Aeolus Robotics has offices in Vienna, Wroclaw and Taipei). Full-time contract preferred but part-time is also possible. Application through


    Aeolus Robotics was founded to bring the first generation of household robot assistants to life, and to market. Integrating prowess from world-leading Taiwanese manufacturers with Silicon Valley AI genius, we are breaking ground in general-purpose consumer robotics with capability in unstructured "human" spaces. With over 100 engineers on staff and a leadership team that includes decades of experience at leading tech companies and institutions ranging from Microsoft to DARPA, we have the expertise, personnel and and breakthrough technological approaches to ensure success in this fast-growing field.

    We invite top-notch people with a passion for robotics to join us in this technical adventure. Among our many open positions ( you may just find your dream job, so make sure to check the whole list!

    As a well-capitalized start-up we have demonstrated our prototype robot at CES 2018, and have additional key members and breakthrough technological approaches to ensure success in this challenging field. Check our website for more, and search the web for "Aeolus Robot" to find some of the many articles and videos about our prototype demonstrations.

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