PraktikantIn für Testphase eines Softwareprojekts (w/m)

  • Handelt es sich hierbei um einen Freien Dienstvertrag oder wirklich um kein Anstellungsverhältniss sondern einen Werkvertrag?
    Egal ob das eine oder das andere, 12 € ist für Studis ab dem 4ten Semester und für diese Aufgabe ein bischen sehr wenig.
    Die Exzellenz von ISTA besteht wohl nicht im Bereich Arbeitsrecht :)

  • Hi Horrendus and Paulchen,

    Thanks for your message! Hope it's OK that I write in English--I can compose/type much faster. :-)

    The details of the job ad have changed a little as I got some more input from colleagues. So I wanted to take down the thread/post and publish a new one as soon as all the final details are confirmed, and that doesn't seem possible (at least I was looking everywhere for this function but couldn't find it). So in the end I edited the original post down to "===". Sorry, I'm a noob to this forum, so don't know the ins and outs of how thread and post changes/deletions are administered. Any tips would be appreciated. :-)

    As for the job itself, the intern will learn on the job about software testing, but also administration in a science institute. The intern gets exposure to recruitment planning, advertising strategy, admissions processing, application screening, and how we're working to automate certain processes and how software development ties in with these procedures. It will be quite hands-on too, as we'll be testing the in-house software to make sure it's designed the way it should be. Overall it'll be a nice learning experience, you'll learn to communicate with software developers, and the work environment is good too (lots of scientists doing very interesting research here). If you're interested, you should perhaps still consider applying. You can PM or email me ( if you have any questions, and I'd be more than happy to help.

    Hope this answers your questions? I'll repost the job soon! Stay posted! :-)

    Best wishes,