School Ambassadors Wanted

  • We are looking for a student with a sales talent who is eager to start up promotional activities to get our online platform running in Austria.

    Who are we?
    Knoowy is an online marketplace where students can sell and buy homemade study documents such as lecture notes and study guides. One can upload documents for free, determine the selling price, and get paid every time the document is downloaded. Because people get paid for sharing, students want to share high quality documents on a platform that is designed to help.

    What do we want?
    Knoowy is a Dutch start-up that wants to expand its business to Austria. We think that Austria, with its many University cities such as Wien, provides opportunities for both students with documents and without study documents. We want these documents to be shared among every student in Austria.

    To reach this goal, we are looking for an ambassador who wants to promote Knoowy to get the first documents online. The ambassador needs to talk to fellow students, convince them to upload documents, post social messages in Facebook groups, etc. In return, you will receive a substantial reward for doing this job.

    Did we spark your interest? Please contact Kevin via