mid-/senior-exp. full-stack JAVA developer for managing OUTSOURCED deve. - Co-Founder

  • Hello to all experienced JAVA programmers,

    we may have a lifetime opportunity for you! We are searching for a mid-/senior-experienced full-stack Java developer / IT project manager as an add-on to our team who wants to become a Co-Founder and help us to launch and succeed with a high potential internet market place for services.

    Your initial role is to manage the IT development of the web application which is currently under the development by external developers:

    • to manage the external IT development of the web application so it is realized in a timely manner and according to high quality standards
    • to test the web application
    • to regular control the development code and IT documentation
    • to provide a skilled advice on the IT architecture so the development is realized in the best interest for the founders
    • to take over

    Furthermore, you should have the following skills:

    • Relevant working experience with AngularJS2, JAVA EE Microservices, PostgreSQL
    • Project management experience
    • Hands-on driven and flexible personality
    • Focus on quality of work rather than hours done
    • Enthusiasmus for startup environment, preferably with some notable experience

    The development of the web application, which you would manage, is scheduled for three month. The estimated working hours during this period are approx. 15 to 20 hours per week. The goal is to accomplish the IT preparation for the market launch of the web application. After the succesful market launch scheduled in early 2017, we would be happy you to welcome you as the Head of IT in our startup team and you would continue to further develop the project as a Co-Founder in line with the company's needs. As a form of remuneration we offer you to earn interest in the company and to become a Co-Founder according to our vesting schedule.

    The project team members consist of two enthusiastic co-founders who cover all critical non-IT-roles as well as external advisors including a senior IT project manager (to be replaced by you), two developers dedicated on full-time basis to coding until the market launch (to be managed by you) and a graphical web designer. Together we create a unique marketplace for services. We will be happy to share more details with you after we receive your qualified CV at: office@timm.rocks

    We are looking forward to hear from you!