Wanted: Web Developer for EdTech Startup

  • Web Developer (m/f)
    For Educational Technology Startup

    What is Serendipity Technologies?
    We are a dedicated group of people working hard on a tough problem. Learning new skills is a universal point of pain for passionate people trying to advance their careers. In order to stay relevant, they must continue learning throughout their lives. So we provide them with timely, specialized and high quality education by turning the traditional education model on its head and allowing anyone to teach online. While the sex appeal of the problem may seem lacking, we genuinely believe that solving society’s big problems is super sexy. And so are you.

    Serendipity Technologies is not your average e-learning company. We’re building both proprietary technology and open source software into an educational platform in order to provide experts of all disciplines with the tools to create their own online courses and teach any subject over the internet. Equipped with initial seed investment and a brainy team of technologists, we’re going after an otherwise ignored market segment, using an approach no one has used before.

    What it’s like to work with us
    Looking for hands-on start up experience? This is the place to go. You’ll get responsibility from day 1 and be pushing code by week 2. However, our developers aren’t code monkeys. They are involved in critical strategy and design decisions in addition to developing powerful client- and server side web interfaces, and are always working on interesting new problems. This is an awesome multi-faceted role that beats the pants off conventional web development. But it also requires a well-rounded, talented individual to pull it off. That’s where you come in.

    When you throw in with us you’re not only joining a cool company working on a wicked problem. You’re joining at the inflection point – possibly the coolest time to join any company. This is an extraordinary leg of our journey, and becoming instrumental to the team now would be a tremendous opportunity to boost your career. Moreover, you’ll do things that matter and be rewarded for it.

    Here are some of the things you’ll be getting up to

    • Build user-friendly web applications and powerful server interfaces for outstanding UX.
    • Consume delicious craft coffee in our wicked office located in the heart of Vienna.
    • Give live to our platform and solve sophisticated technical problems as they pop up.
    • Brainstorm improvements to our software and services, based on daily interactions with the team.

    Essential stuff

    • Solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQueryUI, MySQL and PHP. Java is considered a plus.
    • Bachelor or Master’s degree in software engineering or other IT related field preferred.
    • Some work experience in a professional setting.
    • Be generally awesome to work with and be around.

    Sounds like something you’d like to take on? Send your message to reinhard.schmidbauer@gmail.com or call us at (+43) 699/1251 7245!

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